Life Groups at HTU

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

This new year we are still in lockdown. 
It is almost a year since we last had a ‘normal’, full Sunday service together. 
Most of us miss the regular worship and fellowship. 

To find a way to connect with others and grow together, we want to start Life Groups.

The idea is to form small groups of 4 people that meet every two weeks, first online, but later hopefully in peoples’ homes.  It is for five sessions only (February to Easter), and groups can decide later if they would like to continue.  It is a time for fellowship and encouragement and growing together in the Spirit.  We would greet each other, watch a short video together, and then have an opportunity to share, discuss and pray together.  The commitment would be about 1 ½ hours each time.  Each Life Group will have a host to facilitate the meetings. 

We have chosen a resource provided by New Wine Netherlands with the theme: Whole Life Discipleship (“Heel het Leven”).  There are 5 videos (the first in Dutch and the other 4 in English) of about 20 minutes in length, with discussion questions provided.  We will provide English translations of the discussion resources.  Click here to find out more from their website.  If your group is only English, you can skip the first video.  Each Life Group can also decide if it wants to use an alternate resource. 

Please join us in one of the Life Groups! 

If you are interested, please reply as soon as possible, by email with your answers to the answers below to me at:   

We will offer several different times during the week. 

Please list of your top three preferred times/days to meet (1, 2 and 3) or if you have only 1 or 2 preferences/possibilities, indicate that. 

Day Time Your Preference 
Tuesday 14-15.30  
Wednesday 10-11.30  
Thursday 14-15.30  

Please indicate your area in Utrecht (for if/when the lockdown ends during the course):  Center /North/ South/ East/ West 

Please indicate your preferred language: English/Dutch/Both

Fr David and I will put together the Life Groups from your replies and get back to you by the end of January to let you know your group.  We would like to start the Life Groups in the first week of February. 

Hopefully many will benefit from this opportunity to grow and connect! 

Daniëlle Los