Local Contacts

The Local Contacts scheme is a way of keeping in touch with the membership of Holy Trinity and welcoming newcomers.  A team of local representatives keeps a gentle eye on church members living in their area and passes on their pastoral needs to the chaplain.  They also welcome newcomers and try and introduce members to each other and pass on information from the church.

The local area boundaries have just been revised to reflect our ever changing congregation:

  • Sandra Sue is in charge of area North and City – Central. This is east of A2, west of A27 and north of a line running through the city roughly defined by the Vecht, Catharijnesingel, Maliesingel and Biltstraat.
  • Kim van der Kaaij is in charge of City – South and East. This is east of Vaartse Rijn and Maliesingel, north of A12, west of A27 and south of Biltstraat plus de Bilt and Bilthoven.
  • Danielle Los has responsibility for area West. This is west of A2 plus the western part of the city (west of the Vecht, Brailledreef, Noortstraat and Catharijnesingel).
  • Judy Miller is responsible for area South which is everywhere south of A12 and east of A2.
  • Nicky de Bie is in charge of area East which is everywhere east of A27 and north of A12 excluding the city of Amersfoort.
  • Kristen Postma has responsibility for HTC members living in the city of Amersfoort.