Men’s Group – Meets Jan 23, 2016

Christian Men’s Group Meets in January 2016

What: “The problem of Evil and Suffering” especially as it pertains to bringing others to Christ

When: January 23rd at 18:00

Where: Treekerweg 2a, Leusden (David and Nora Westerbeek van Eerten’s home)

Who: Christian Men (come to think of it… any men are welcome!)

Why: For fellowship with our brothers and exploration of our faith… good food, good drinks, it’s all good!

How: You will have the opportunity to do some light preparation (click here) and will take you 5-8 minutes to read, please do so.
(Here’s something more, if you’re interested, a summary of what are called “The Pastoral Consolations”.)

I will provide some light structure to the evening (I despise “zinloos fun”), but, mainly, it will consist of a general discussion of the problem of Evil and Suffering.

How do you answer someone who says, “How can I possibly believe in a God when there is so much evil and suffering in the world?”

suffering2Personally, I think Christianity has a lot to offer on this question, but it still remains very difficult for any of us that have experience of suffering or have had to watch others go through great difficulties.

I look forward to seeing you all.  Please RSVP so that David Westerbeek knows how much lasagna to make – should we make a large dish of it or should we bake it in a pickup truck?  I hope for the pickup truck because that would mean you all brought someone extra with you!

Peter Gillies (06 12 78 49 02)