Whether you’re looking to connect, dive deeper into your faith, or simply enjoy good company, our midweek activities are what you are looking for! Here’s what’s the programme looks like

Our small groups meet every two weeks and are designed to bring people together: offering a chance to connect, grow, and share some quality time. We currently have got three options, all based in Utrecht:

  1. Tuesday evenings: in the Parsonage; coordinator Dorien van den Berge
  2. Wednesday evenings: city centre; coordinators Crifto Xavi and Marianne Boonstoppel
  3. Thursday evenings: Tuinwijk; coordinator Danielle Los

To find out more or to sign up, just send a message to Dorien.
You can find the dates for these meetings at the bottom of this page.

In the weeks where there are no small groups, we have several other things happening.

Once a month on a Wednesday evening our uplifting Praise and Prayer event takes place at 8pm in the church. An informal, reflective setting with an extended time of praise and worship, followed by space to connect with God through creative approaches of prayer.

On the other free Wednesday in the month, there is our ‘gezellig’ Pizza and Paul event – an evening of scrumptious food and heartwarming fellowship and fun usually held in the Parsonage and open to everyone.

To find out what is happening where and on what dates, sign up for our weekly email on our homepage or keep an eye on the church calendar.

All these activities offer various ways to help each other connect with Jesus and grow together in faith. Come and join us!

Tuesday16/01/2024Small groups Parsonage
Wednesday17/01/2024Small groups City center
Thursday18/01/2024Small groups Tuinwijk
Wednesday24/01/2024Praise and Prayer
Tuesday30/01/2024Small groups Parsonage
Wednesday31/01/2024Small groups City center
Thursday01/02/2024Small groups Tuinwijk