New Cooking Group!

StillLifeGingerAt the Away Day last year council members discussed all kinds of topics. One of which was fellowship and outreach. For some reason the discussion in one of the small groups was quickly triggered by the words food, cooking, and dinner.  It wasn’t a giant leap to propose starting a cooking group.  So here we are:

We hereby present to you the possibility of JOINING THE COOKING GROUP! No you don’t have to cook! You can also help out by organising or by participating.  It is all about fellowship and outreach, aaah and you might get to make and/or eat a lovely meal as a bonus.

In this context FELLOWSHIP aims at getting to know each other better.  Maybe the lady you sat next to in church last Sunday is a passionate tango dancer, or the man you sat next to the week before went to do voluntary work in an orphanage in Ethiopia with his daughter, or the person you may speak with during dinner has something he would like you to pray for.

OUTREACH may include asking a friend to join you for the dinner.  It may also include dinners that have been specially organized to also invite a certain target group.  For instance, the charitable giving (blue bag collection) is partly used to support the Christian Union (CU) which is a student group for international students in Utrecht.  It is proposed that the CU should be invited to one of the first meals cooked by the cooking group so that members of Holy Trinity may get to know members of CU and what they stand for as an extra dimension to donating money.

Would YOU like to join?  Would you like to share your cooking skills?  Do you want to enjoy these cooking skills?  Do you want to help organise?  Are you full of ideas that may contribute?  Please contact us!
Mail address is:

Debby and Sheila