Our Lord all Radiant

This submission is from a member of the congregation at Holy Trintiy Utrecht, who was encouraged to share her experience during worship, and who wishes to remain anonymous.

November 2016, All Souls

On that Sunday I went to Church especially because I had an appointment with my cousin. We had arranged for both of us to go to our own churches and, at exactly eleven o’clock, to pray for the souls of our deceased family members. So that is what I did. At eleven o’clock I knelt down and started praying. It happened to be the exact moment of the breaking of the bread.

At the moment Fr. David broke the bread, I saw HIM: our beloved, radiant, surrounded by living soft colours, Lord Jesus! From his chest shone a beautiful light that expanded outwards. Those beautiful colours around Him, moved and lived.

Dear people, I could not believe my eyes!! My heart started pounding when He started scattering pieces of bread. Then followed white rose petals, with a mother-of-pearl like glow.

I opened my eyes and thought: did I see it right? Was it bread or were they rose petals? “Yes,” said the Lord, “you saw it right.” He showed me again and said, “Someone is getting married!” I thought, that won’t be me, I haven ‘t even got a boyfriend! While the Lord kept throwing the petals, he said “I BLESS YOU IN ALL MY GLORY!”

I felt so emotional, I did not understand what happened. My heart was beating like fireworks! I thought, I am getting a panic attack! Please don’t do that to me Lord! By now it was my turn to go to the altar for Holy Communion, but I stood waiting for a few moments, insecure. I was afraid I would collapse at the altar. My heart almost exploded, but I managed to walk to and from the altar without collapsing. Back in my seat, I could no longer control those emotions. The Lord had held me up, so I would not fall, but once back I started sobbing.

Suddenly it turned very quiet around me. No shuffling or rustling, nobody moved. Even the children that never sit still, could not be heard. I was afraid everyone could hear my pounding heart, for it was beating so fiercely. Probably everyone thought I was extremely sad and they hardly dare breathe, but I was not sad! I felt so happy, confused, and incredibly fulfilled! Someone started stroking my arm to comfort me, but I could not talk at that moment. I could not tell what I had seen, heard and felt. I did not want that moment to pass.

In the end, I calmed down and the service had finished. Fr David announced the coming weddings of four couples, saying that there was a true explosion of love today, well, I noticed that!

The following months I felt like I was in love. The image and feeling I had received, stayed with me day and night. Dear people, we have been blessed by Our Lord Himself!  All of us! Now, seven months later I think I understand why He said: “Someone is getting married”, and not “four couples are getting married.”

And yes, He is always with us. He always walks up and down the aisle. He never leaves us alone. That is how beautiful, radiant and full of love He is for each one of us.