Prayer Chain & Requests

Our community is upheld and held together through the prayer of the people. We are thankful to have an active prayer ministry.  This happens daily in a corporate way in our church but we also encourage everybody to take an active part in it, even if only at home in your personal and family prayer.

The Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is particular ministry of intercession in our church.  It is made up of several members of Holy Trinity who undertake to pray each day for those with a particular request for prayer.  If you would like to join the Prayer Chain or make a request for prayers, you can contact the co-ordinator: Anne Maree Miechielsen or, for prayer requests, if you prefer, you can use the form below.

The Prayer Chain treats all prayer requests as confidential unless you tell us otherwise.

    Your Name (if you wish to remain anonymous, type A)

    Your Prayer Request (please limit to about 25 words)