Quiet Day with Fr John Wall

Quiet Day at Holy Trinity with Fr John Wall
Saturday 17th October
10am to 4:00pm

This Quiet Day is an opportunity to rest in the Lord and to hear two talks on the spiritual life given by Fr. John Wall using illustrations from three paintings and a sculpture from the Rijksmuseum.

  • 10am – First Meditation (in the Church) on two works by Rembrandt – reflecting on the individual and communal call of Christ.
  • 12pm – Holy Communion with a short Guided Meditation
  • 1pm Lunch (provided)
  • 3pm – Second Meditation on a painting by de Hooch and a sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary – reflecting on holiness in the ordinary and on empathy.

There will be opportunities for quiet in the church, parsonage, garden and/or walks in nearby Wilhelminapark.

Contact Hanna if you would like to come!

The Revd John Wall is Team Rector in the Moulsecoomb Team Ministry in Brighton England. Fr John writes…

Hello! I’m hugely looking forward to coming over to you in October – thank you for asking me! My name is John Wall & I’ve spent most of my Ministry in Sussex: at present I’m Team Rector of a somewhat notorious Parish in Brighton (I once got a post card addressed to “The Reverend John Wall, the Vicarage, the Dodgy Bit of Brighton, England” & it got to me, which is indicative of our reputation!)  I’ve also recently opened a Pub, but that’s another story.  I’ve been interested in Art History for years and have an M.A. in Medieval Art and did a sabbatical studying the Renaissance in Florence, (which, frankly was as much about the pasta & Chianti as the paintings!) and will be in Rome and Venice for four months next Spring. I have been a columnist in “The Church Times” for 17 years, and a leader of Pilgrimages, Quiet Days & Retreats, including (thanks to the kindness of Karin & Trevor Whitfield) a couple of rather fun Quiet Days in Paris. I came over to the Rijksmuseum recently and fell in love with Dutch Art. As a Parish Priest I see the world around me in terms of Faith and the centrality of the presence of God in all things. Mind you, I’ve always had an eye for the Holy Spirit’s gloriously anarchic sense of humour too, so who knows what will happen?