Report on the Annual General Meeting

This report was submitted by Judy Miller.

The meeting was fairly well attended by members of both congregations and every­one on the electoral roll had been sent infor­mation concerning the meeting in good time so everyone was aware of the subjects to be discussed.

Father David opened the meeting with pray­er and Rosemarie chaired the proceedings

The Agenda was agreed to and the minutes of theAGM 2016, the Annual Local meeting 2017 in Utrecht and Amersfoort were passed.

Sheila gave us a positive report on the state of the Electoral roll and due to an increase in the number on the roll we were able to propose and second a fifth person to be rec­ommended as a member of our Archdea­conry Representatives. Maria Koppenol was agreed to and welcomed to the team.

David gave us an enthusiastic address on how many folk are coming forward to take part in the life of the church in Utrecht and Grant followed this by his address on the good progress of the church in Amersfoort

There were reports from most of the areas of life in the church and an Ecumenical re­port was promised for the next AGM.

The treasurer took her annual interrogation of the Budget andAccounts in a patient manner and took on board one or two sug­gestions. The auditors were thanked and two auditors for next year were named and approved

The final version of the roadmap for Utrecht and Amersfoort was approved by the AGM participants, and the appointments put for­ward and voted on at the Local Meetings were talked about and approved with one or two small corrections.

Several votes of thanks were delivered at the end of the meeting and Trevor led us in prayerfull thanks ending in all of us standing to say the Grace.



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