Survey Results of Holy Trinity Chaplaincy December 2020

In November/December of 2020 we took a survey of members of the congregations in Utrecht and Zwolle. Requests were sent out to about 150 people on our email list and we had responses from 64 individuals, sometimes responding on behalf of their family. We did this to understand better, during the corona pandemic, how people were thinking about worship, spiritual health, pastoral care, education and opportunities for fellowship. Below are the results of the survey. Follow up has happened in a number of ways:

  1. We hope to add 5pm Sunday Evening services every Sunday in Utrecht to enable more people to attend, once the current lockdown measures are loosened.
  2. We have and are following up with people who have requested more pastoral care.
  3. We have organized and set in motion Life Groups – 7 groups of 3 to 5 people meeting every 2 weeks for fellowship online, which began in January this year, click here for more details.

Snapshot of Worship Questions from Survey:

Snapshot of Pastoral Care and Education from Survey:

Small Groups at HTU:

Learning Opportunities at HTU: