Symposium on October 27th

“Tolerance and permissiveness in a historical context”

This contribution was written by Hans Baars

Friday October 27 we* are organizing a symposium with this title.
In this year of remembering what’s called “the Reformation”, the KKU guides of the St James church and the St James protestants parish take the opportunity to learn lessons from some very special developments in religion, which took place around 1580. The last priest of the St James parish Huibert Duifhuis could be seen as the ‘Utrecht Martin Luther’. In 1581, the year that Duifhuis passed away, a unique painting of a ‘Gregory Mass’ was changed into a text board presenting Hebrews 12.

At 15.00 there will be historical music (15th and 16th) and the presentation of the book “VAN GREGORIUSMIS NAAR BIJBELTEKST” describing the process and the results of a historical scientific study by dr G. van Bueren and Corinne van Dijk. After an informal break prof. James Kennedy, dean of University College Utrecht will at 20 hrs. gives a lecture about tolerance and permissiveness in the 21st century with a focus on Christian religious attitude and behaviour.


The symposium (in Dutch) will be held in St James church, St. Jacobsstraat 171. The entrance is free for both parts, everybody is very welcome.

* Hans Baars & Korneel Aschman (guides) of Kerken Kijken Utrecht