Teaching Days: Learning to Hear God’s Voice!

DanielleLosAll Saints is hosting for the Chaplaincy three days of teaching – in English – on ‘Learning to hear God’s voice’.

It is a 6-part course, two sessions on each teaching day. Across the 6 sessions, we consider Jesus as a model for our life and our service in the church, and so we can learn from how he heard the voice of God.

  • We will come to understand more about the gift of prophecy and to discern if God is speaking.
  • We will think about the benefits of hearing God speak – for us, and for others with whom we have contact.
  • And we will consider other ways the Lord God can speak to his people.

These teaching days are not restricted to those involved in or who would like to be involved in prayer ministry. But these days give important insights and tools for anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ, and will also be of great use and value in prayer ministry.

The sessions will include talks from a DVD series and then there will opportunity for questions and group study, and time to pray together and to practice some of the teachings we’ve heard.

There are study manuals, but do please bring pens, a notepad, and a Bible.  The course materials are from the New Wine movement in the UK.  They are in the English language.

These days will be on three Saturdays: 28th of May, 11th of June and 25th of June.
We begin at 10am (arrive from 9.30 for coffee) and end by 4pm.
They’ll be held at Mozartweg 54, Amersfoort – the Heilige Geestkerk.

Please bring your own lunch!

And if anyone would like to bake a cake or something else…. that would be great.

Daniëlle Los

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