The Pre-Marriage Course at HTU

This week we begin The Pre-Marriage Course Online at Holy Trinity Utrecht. 

The Pre-Marriage Course is from Alpha and has just last year been completely re-filmed.   There are five sessions and they will need to be via Zoom, at least for the first few sessions, because of corona restrictions.  My wife, Daniëlle, and I will host the evenings. 

Each couple will receive a Guest Journal with the course materials and, beforehand, a survey via email from me, designed to help highlight issues that would be helpful to discuss before marriage and to identify areas of strength in your relationship (it is not a test of compatibility!).  

Given the need to do this online, couples will look at the video beforehand and we will meet only to discuss issues that people found interesting for further discussion or questions that may have arisen. Each evening begins at 8:00pm sharp (Utrecht time) and we should finish by around 9:00pm.  After each session, the couples will receive a link and password to view the video for the following session.

Here are the evenings proposed: 

Session 1:  Communication – Learn your personality types and your communication styles (Tuesday 26 January)

Session 2: Conflict – Discover potential relationship challenges and how to tackle them (Tuesday 9 February)

Session 3: Commitment – Explore the importance and benefits of committed relationships (Tuesday 23 February)

Session 4: Connection – How to maintain the momentum of your relationship (Tuesday 2 March)

Session 5: Adventure – Find out what is important to you both and develop unity as a couple (Tuesday 9 March)

For more information on the Course, you can click here.  Go to where it says “Brand new episodes”, and you can view the first video in the Marriage Preparation series (which is the second of the two videos you find under the section “Brand new episodes”) on “Communication”. If you can confirm your attendance, I will order the course materials and have them ready.  So far there are 4 couples taking the course.

Please pray for all of these couples as they learn how to deepen their love and friendship in preparation for marriage and in their future life together.