Update on Heilige Geest Church- The Home of All Saints, Amersfoort

As you know, since All Saints formally began on 20th December 2015, Heilige Geest Kerk – a Roman Catholic church building no longer used for Sunday Mass– has been our home. We have found the building a wonderful place to use with its facilities, spaces for socialising, and for children’s work. We have also shared the Sunday use of the building with a small Ethiopian Orthodox Community.

The Roman Catholic authorities have agreed a sale of the building to a property developer. We understood the sale was to be completed by May 1st. So we have been, as many know, been looking for a suitable new building – Patrick Elenbaas, Lodewijk Westerbeek van Eerten, Peter Gillies and Stefan van der Knapp are particularly working upon our need. But it has been a search which has not been successful to this point. However, very recently we have heard from the Roman Catholic Council for Amersfoort (OLVA) that the sale has been delayed with agreement of the Council, the property developer and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Utrecht, until November 1st this year.

We thank God for his provision. We are thankful for the many people who have been praying: within the deanery of the Netherlands, supporters of ICS and many individuals in different countries. We thank also people in this chaplaincy who have been praying with us and for us.

We would continue to ask your prayers as we continue to seek the building God has prepared for us -it may be a church or another religious place, or it may be a secular setting, such a community centre or a school.

But we believe and trust He, our Lord, will provide.



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